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OSCam v.0.99.2 AzBOX HD

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  • OSCam v.0.99.2 AzBOX HD

    OSCam v.0.99.2 AzBOX HD

    OSCam AzBOX
    due to some divergence on the principle of Open Source, we have start a fork of MpCS version 0.9d.
    The new fork is named OSCam, for Open Source Cam. Main changes from MpCS 0.9d are:

    - add support for reader with 6.00 MHz (Mhz option in config, only on Linux),
    - better support for Viaccess EMMs,
    - add support for some videoguard2 cards (aka NDS, Sky UK and Sky IT) only on Linux at this time,
    - support for SECA PPV (but you still need to buy the event/film),
    - and some bugs corrections.

    Note: NDS and 6.0 MHz support are only working and tested on Linux i686 and x86_64. It should not work on dreambox (at this time).

    Thanks a _lot_ to Dukat for the original MpCS.

    Not tested as I don't have Azbox
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