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Have you setup your satellites for your setup ?

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  • Have you setup your satellites for your setup ?

    Have you setup your satellites for your setup ?
    Example: press HOME > SETTINGS > arrow down to TV CHANNEL then go to ANTENNA SETUP
    Make the necessary changes there for your system.
    So if you wanted 1.0W and you were on that satellite then while the receiver shows your on 1.0W do a blind scan of the polarity you want.
    Since you did not mention if the receiver is slaved off a master or if your using it to move a dish or if it is stationary, you do need to make sure the setup for the satellite you want is properly made in the receiver for each satellite.

    I have no idea if you have a channel list loaded in your system at this time so this is why I am telling you these instructions.

    Once you have done a scan and added the channels in your system then you should not have this problem.

    If you do then there is another problem you are having so you need to go through the process of elimination.

    Again I urge you to follow the proper setup procedures that should have come with your AzBox, if you did not get them then download the AZ Users Guide as it has the setup procedures listed in there.

    I hope this helps you out.