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  • JaZUp_2.4_by_Hectore_and_Pr2

    JaZUp User Guide v2.4

    JaZup is a Java based application that allow you to
    upgrade your AZBox to Enigma 2 and come back to
    the official firmware. You can also use it to upgr
    ade from E2 to E2.
    It supports installing Azbox HD Enigma 2 firmware o

    DOM: the internal AZBox memory,

    USB: for this option you will need to have 1 USB St
    ick (see further in this document)
    be careful a
    USB HDD is viewed has any USB stick and you can los
    e your data.

    HDD: internal hard disk drive (this option only app
    lies to Premium, Premium Plus and Ultra), if
    you have an external HDD and want to use it for ins
    tall use USB option.
    Since JaZUp 2.1, we include a fix to prevent bricki
    ng your Azbox after having use the Firmware for USB
    (FW4USB) method to boot the official firmware from
    USB while trying to return with the official
    firmware in DOM.
    Note: FW4USB is not implement in JaZUp so users usi
    ng only JaZUp to flash their Azbox will not face
    this problem.
    JaZUp has been tested under Windows, Mac OSX and Ub
    If you enjoy JaZUp 2.4, please consider make a dona
    tion. See paypal link within JaZUp.
    It is strongly advised to
    disable Hardware Acceleration before upgrading your
    to E2. Hardware Acceleration is the main reason why
    some Azbox HD goes to
    Booting... (forever) problem
    If you connect with JaZUp to your Azbox running the
    official firmware, it will check
    for it and disable it for you.
    Please read carefully this User Guide since it cont
    ains important information on how to use this
    We are not responsible for any data lost that you m
    ay encountered using this tool.
    It is your responsibility to backup all your data (
    HDD, USB, DOM) from your Azbox HD before
    using this tool.
    In order to enjoy JaZUp you will to have installed
    on your computer a Java Runtime Environment.
    You can find the latest Java Runtime Environment mi
    nimum version is 1.5 (commonly called version 5)
    Your Azbox must be connected to a wired network (RJ
    45) where DHCP server is enabled.
    JaZUp by Hectore and Pr2,
    lease consider to donate.
    - 1 / 17 -

    Interface explanations:
    Azbox IP
    : there you can type your Azbox IP address
    : is the password that you set on your Azbox offici
    al firmware (used if you select Backup or
    Restore Informations Official Firmware options).
    : allows you to select where to install the E2 firm
    E2 option:
    Format extendend partition
    : you can decided not to format your extended parti
    tion, this option is
    useful only if you upgrade your Azbox from E2 to E2
    Ext4 Paritition:
    it will try to use ext4 (only supported in 1.1.12
    (RC12) and higher) uncheck this if
    you want to go back to ext3.
    Backup data Official Firmware
    : allows you to take a backup of /DISK2 and /PLUGIN
    Restore data Official Firmware
    : allows you to restore your previous backup of /D
    ISK2 and
    Azbox IP Find: Search:
    perform an automatic discovery of your Azbox on yo
    ur local network.
    will show you the update progress indication. Be
    careful some operations take a very
    long time , so please be patient.
    Select Language:
    allows you to select the JaZUp interface language.
    JaZUp by Hectore and Pr2,
    lease consider to donate.
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    Azbox IP Find Search:

    Pressing the Search... button, JaZUp will look for
    the all the Azboxes connected to your network and
    propose the list of the IP address that it founds.
    If you think that your Azbox is not in the list pre
    ss again search to start it again.
    If you have several network interfaces in your PC,
    all the interfaces will be scanned to search for yo
    Once your Azbox is discovered, you can click on the
    IP address and the field: Azbox IP will be
    automatically filled up.
    If the search function doesn't work, you can always
    type in manually your Azbox IP address in the Azbo
    IP field.
    JaZUp by Hectore and Pr2,
    lease consider to donate.
    - 3 / 17 -

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