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Changed IP address / Line tuning

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  • Changed IP address / Line tuning

    To all my peers I'd like to announce that for security reasons my locals are now protected from direct access through my peers. Nothing has changed with my locals.
    I still have two ZIGGO locals (0604 / 5555) with allmost all ZIGGO packages, but they are now protected behind a proxy server.
    You might notice a different IP or an extra hop.

    This week the setup will be tested with both c-lines and n-lines and the best one will survive.

    The setup at some times might also contain a CSP proxy between both OSCAM servers to maximize the cache ratio for my peers.

    Also... if you share with my please limit your requests to ZIGGO requests.
    If working with OSCAM add the following lines to the reader you created for me

    ... caid                          = 0604 ident                         = 0604:000000 chid                          = 0604:00000B,0001F4,0001FE,00001C,000003,000004,00000A,0003E7 ...
    If you are working with CCcam please add the SIDS to the list of SIDS that can be decoded

    00B7 00D4 791F 0FA2 32C9 0BBC 0096 32CB 32CC 2EE2 00A1 3A9E 2EE3 00F0 1775 2EE4 00EF 00D5 00D6 1773 6979 0061 2EE7 00A6 03E9 00B4 00BA 6D63 2711 00ED 0BC3 07D3 4E27 09C5 1F44 00C9 1F45 00CA 1F43 00CB 1772 36B1 1B6D 003A 0062 6591 1F46 4A39 00CC 4A3A 00CD 4A3E 00CF 1774 00D2 5DC6 59DA 4A3B 00CE 0385 07D1 59D9 4E24 00D0 1771 1B6E 4659 000C 00F4 2329 00EE 002F 004D 00D7 4653 2AF9 32CA 07D4 00D8 4E28 4654 07D2 2716 0BBB 003D 0BB9 00F3 1B70 0026 00AB 0045 1F42 0041 00B6 008B 697A 0067 07D5 3A9F 0BBF 2714 4657 59E0 520B 003E 59DC 00D9 00B3 0FA5 0FA4 00DC 4E23 32CE 00C4 00DF 1389 001F 0FA6 0050 1B6C 0049 00E1 004B 5DC1 00E0 0043 0042 3E81 00DA 00C5 00B8 00DD 2EE1 00D3 00BC 00BD 00BE 00BF 00EA 00EB 00EC 00E7 00E8 00E9 2713 00B2 3E82 3E83 3E84 3E85 5209 2AFB 2AFC 2AFD 2AFE 3A99 3A9A 0082 791A 791B 791C 0079 007A 007B 007C 007D 007E 6D61 6D62 7919 0080 007F 4E25 00C7 07D7 791D 791E 0086

    If at any time you are in doubt or have questions please ask them.