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CCcam F: Line blocking explained

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  • CCcam F: Line blocking explained

    CCcam F: Line blocking explained

    This is a more in depth description on how CCcam does block card and or channels(sid)
    Many does not understand this correct, and many try to explain it wrongly.

    CCcam do only support blocking. You can block a card or block single sid.
    You cannot block a card for a user, and at the same time open some sid.
    You need to block every single sid hi should not get, and then skip the one who he likes to see.

    To describe this I will make several example
    F: user pass 3 0 0 { A } { B } { C } D
    A = Card block position (controls how the cards are handled)
    B = Sid block position (controls how the channels/sid are handled)
    C = Time restriction
    D = IP/DNS lock
    0100:00006a = ID for Canal+ Digitaal Nederland (19E)
    0100:00006a:07d4 = Rtl 4
    0100:00006a:07d5 = Rtl 5

    The first number "3" tells the F: line how many hop away he should get cards from. It does not influence on the reshare that is controlled in block A and B. A user get all cards from the hop he is allowed to get. controlled by A and B.

    You need space " " before and after curly brackets "{}"
    You need space " " after comma ","
    Failing here and nothing works.
    If you do not use a block, and you need the block after, you need to have the block before as empty "{ }"
    F: user pass 3 0 0 { 0:0:1 } { } { }

    Section A
    { caid:id(:downhops), caid:id(:downhops), ... }
    { a:b:c }
    a:b = the card id (0:0 is the same as all card)
    c = down hop
    If c is omitted, its the same as :0 (no downhop, no reshare)

    Section B
    { caid:id:sid, caid:id:sid, ... }
    { a:b:c }
    a:b = the card id (0:0 is the same as all card)
    c: = sid (one sigle channel)
    If you add some sid in section B, its blocked for the user connected to this F: Line and to all downhops he have configured

    F: user2 pass2 2 0 0 { 0100:00006a, 0622:000000:1, 0500:000000:2 }
    user2 does not get Canal Digital 0100:00006a (missing "downhop" value, sames as 0)
    he gets 0622:000000 card (since his its reshared 1 hop ":1"), he can not reshare this card (1 hop only)
    he gets 0500:000000 card for himself and can reshare this card one hop (since his its reshared 2 hop ":2")
    The card 0622 and 0500 can be a local card or one he gets from the two uphops.

    F: user3 pass3 2 0 0 { 0:0:3, 0100:00006a:1 }
    user3 can reshare local cards and cards 2 hop away, 2 hops down from him (0:0:3)
    But he is not allowed to share Canal Digital 0100:00006a down to other users.

    F: user4 pass4 2 0 0 { 0:0:3, 0100:00006a:1 } { 0100:00006a:07d4 }
    user4 can reshare local cards and cards 2 hop away (2 0 0), 2 hops down from him (0:0:3)
    He can use Canal Digital card 0100:00006a, but can not reshare it ":1"
    At the same time he can not see "Rtl 4" 0100:00006a:07d4 since its blocked in group B

    F: user5 pass5 2 0 0 { 0:0:1 } { 0100:00006a:07d4 }
    user5 is not allowed to reshare (0:0:1).
    He can not see "Rtl 4" since its blocked in section B
    He can use local card and cards up to two hop away

    F: user6 pass6 0 0 0 { 0:0:1 } { 0100:00006a:07d4, 0100:00006a:07d5, 0100:00006a:07e4 }
    user6 can only use local card "0 0 0", and can not reshare it "0:0:1"
    Ha can not see "Rtl 4" nor "Rtl 5" nor "Animal Planet"

    What is i missing in CCcam is an option to block a card, then allow certain sid

    Any suggestion to add to this are welcome