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Guides HowTo make some tip and tricks on your dreambox .

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  • Guides HowTo make some tip and tricks on your dreambox .

    Guides HowTo make some tip and tricks on your dreambox .

    HDD in your 5620

    Thanks to PCD fror this tasty contribution...

    Being a poor 5620 owner, I use the following method for recording on pc and playback (found to be better than other methods like mtuxvision and mgrab). I tried it with Gemini1.04. :-

    In PC

    (1) Create another user dream with username and passwd both dream.
    (2) Create shared directory c:\dreambox\movie
    (3) Download and install VLC player. Link .mpg and .ts files to VLC player.

    In DB

    (4) Download plugin CIFS. (included in Gemini 3.1)
    (5) In expert settings-comm-blue button-select the following (See Attachment 'CIFS Howto' for more help).

    PC ip
    local dir -hdd (if that doesn't work try /mnt/hdd)
    tick "automount"
    leave the rest

    To record

    (6) Video button followed by Radio button.
    To stop recording, press TV button.
    To see timer menu press Radio button again.

    To watch on TV

    (7) Dream-File mode-root-hdd-movie - select file OK.

    Hope it works for you. Regards, pcd.

    Hi i am here for experiment and educational purpose only.
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    post Aug 1 2007, 07:28 AM
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    How to Network

    Just a few pointers to those having problems:
    After your image has been installed you might want to put on new settings etc.
    For this you would need to go to the expert setup, choose communication.
    There you have various options. The screenshot shows a working network configuration.
    My computer is connected directly to the Dreambox (no router in between).
    I have set my computer to be, and the box I always use
    WhyClick here to enlarge don't know, just seemed to be a good Idea. So every time I put in a new image these settings have to be re-entered.
    Idiot Guide Trick: To make things easier when setting it up, provided your computer is on and the LAN connected:
    Go to the communication menu, and instead of entering all the IP stuff just tick the DHCP box and the "Enable Network", save the changes by pressing the green button, exit all the menus.
    Then go back to the communication menu, and all you need to do is untick the DHCP box,
    and change the last number of the IP. Save it and finished!