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Manage different c lines behind one c line

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  • Manage different c lines behind one c line


    when i have c lines from more different servers, is there a possibility that i can only give one c line in the box and can manage on a server the c lines from the different servers?
    then i would not have to change the lines every time direct in the boxes!?

    or is there an other solution for this problem?

    Greets & thanks!

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    Hi mate

    Your clines all come with different addresses and servers line zapto dyndns etc the only way to manage via the CCcam.cfg file with be to place a "#" infront of the cline ( #C: dyndns etc etc )
    this allows you to isolate any of the lines you have and enables you to watch the server you need to view only don't forget to remove the "#" after testing.
    You can also edit a cline if you wish to avoid certain channels from one server but that makes your clines longer always put to the top of the list your strongest server as first choice