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Getting Started - Flines & Clines For Beginners

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  • Getting Started - Flines & Clines For Beginners

    This is probably the most confusing thing for beginners so i will try and keep this as simple as possible.
    The first thing you need to to is create yourself a dns address and download the updater software to go with it.I recommend using one of the following,both are equally good.

    Dyndns- Register

    Updater Software here -

    No-ip - Register Here -

    Updater Software here -

    The dns address you choose will form the first part of all clines you send to your peers like this.


    The next part of the cline is the server listen port, by default this is 12000.
    If you want to change it look in your cccam.cfg for the following line.


    you can change it to whatever you want as long as you open the corresponding port in your router.

    So the cline so far reads.

    C: 12000

    This is how every cline you send will start,now you need to create a user name and password in your cccam.cfg that will allow a peer to connect to your server.This is where the fline comes in.

    Remember this
    F: = Friend, for others to connect to you.
    C: = Connect, for you to connect to others.

    To make the fline using your ftp programme connect to your box and go to Var/ect you will then see a file named cccam.cfg, right click on this and choose edit.

    Everything you see with # in front of it is not read by cccam and can safely be deleted or if you wish to leave it there it will make no difference.These are the only lines that need to be there for it to work.If you find it easier delete it all then copy and paste this in its place.

    WEBINFO USERNAME : yourchoice
    WEBINFO PASSWORD : yourchoice
    TELNETINFO USERNAME : yourchoice
    TELNETINFO PASSWORD : yourchoice
    ZAP OSD TIME : 3
    #OSD USERNAME : yourchoice
    #OSD PASSWORD : yourchoice
    OSD PORT : 80
    SHOW TIMING : yes
    DEBUG : no
    DISABLE EMM : no
    MINI OSD : yes
    SOFTKEY FILE : /var/keys/SoftCam.Key
    AUTOROLL FILE : /var/keys/AutoRoll.Key
    STATIC CW FILE : /var/keys/
    CAID PRIO FILE : /var/etc/CCcam.prio
    PROVIDERINFO FILE : /var/etc/CCcam.providers
    CHANNELINFO FILE : /var/etc/CCcam.channelinfo
    #LOG WARNINGS : /tmp/warnings.txt

    You can disable/enable any of these by adding/removing #

    A simple Fline looks like this.

    F: jimbob fruitbat

    This is all you need fo your peer to connect to you and means we can complete the cline using the user name and password from the fline.

    Completed cline ready to send to your peer looks like this.

    C: 12000 jimbob fruitbat

    Other Settings

    To optimize your servers performance and security there are some other settings to add to both the c & f lines,I recommend you start with the following on your flines

    F: jimbob fruitbat 2 0 0 { 0:0:2 ] { } { } yourpeersdnsaddress
    If you have no local card make this 3 0 0 { 0:0:3 } { } { } yourpeersdnsaddress

    This will give you the best performance i will now try and explain what these numbers mean

    The 2 0 0

    The 2 means that the peer will get all cards at a maximum of 2 hops away from you.

    The first 0 means that the peer gets no emus from you. Change to 1 to get peers emu.

    The other 0 means that the peer is not allowed to send us emm. Change to 1 to take peers emu. Please note that there has to be a corresponding entry in the in the server you are sharing with.Cccam is capable of its own emu these are the optimal settings.
    The { 0:02 }
    The 0:0: is for restricting channels at or only allowing at certain times, do not worry about this just now.

    The 2 means that the peer can reshare your card once.Change to 1 for no reahsare,3 for 2 reshare ect,ect.

    The IP or DNS address at the end of the F line

    The IP Address at the end of the F:line makes sure that only the specified peer connects to your server. This is known as locking the fline and is very important against *******.

    Extra cline settings

    You should restrict the amount of hops you receive from your peers as anything above hop 3 is virtually unwatchable,ideally you want to using hop1 and 2 only this is done by adding the following after the cline you recieve from your peer.

    No { 0:0:2 }
    This means you receive your peers local and hop 1
    if you are sharing without a local make this No { 0:0:3 }

    Later on
    Once you have most of the cards you want in hop1 and there are still some hop2 cards you use it is possible to take only the cards you want from hop2 to further improve the speed of your server.To do this add the caid of the provider like this

    C: 12000 anyuser anypass no { 0:0:1, 0963:0:2, 093b:0:2 }

    This takes the peers local plus sky uk & sky italia from hop 2

    There is loads more on this but follow this guide and you should be off to a good start.

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