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How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed

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  • How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed

    Uploaded on Dec 10, 2010
    How to fix the HDMI switching issue that plagues the TX-SR606, HT-R960, and HT-R667 receivers. To fix it you will need 5 x 100uf at least 4v, which I got from mcmelectronics(.com), part number 31-8160. Others have purchased 100uf 35v electrolytic capacitors from Radio Shack (P/N 272-1028) for $1.29, with good results. Just be sure to put the negative side of the capacitor (it is marked) on the square side of the stamp on the circuit board where the old capacitor was removed. Also, some have reported that the handshake works after the fix but that they still have trouble with OSD. Some users have tried replacing all the 100uf caps and reported that it fixed the OSD problem.

    If you try the repair, please comment on what was happening before and after replacing the caps. For example (mine):

    Before: The receiver would take 5-10 min to hook up with the TV. Neither the video nor sound would work until the connection to the TV was made. The On Screen Display (OSD) didn't work, and component video in would not work going out HDMI to the TV. The problems all started at different times, and got worse over time.

    After: HDMI handshake now works properly and connects after a second or two (so everything connects quickly). Component video and OSD work fine.