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Easy guide to input cline on your spiderbox sd

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  • Easy guide to input cline on your spiderbox sd


    1. press menu on your remote control and navigate to options, if you do not see network as the last entry under options then you need to press 1111 on your remote control this will then access the hidden options and network will now appear. You can now select network and you will be given 3 further options, you need to then select net application.

    2. using left and right navigate through the screen in network until you see DREAM at the top. this is the screen were you will enter your CLINE your screen will look like below

    TYPE - dream

    SERVER NO ( this will be 1 by default but you can have 1234 as you can enter 4 clines on the SD spiderbox)

    SOFTCAM (this is pre selected as NEWCAM you need to change this to show CCCAM)

    INPUT ( this has domain pre selected but you can also change to an I.P address ie this is what an I.P address looks like if you are not sure, you should leave this as DOMAIN unless your CLINE starts with an I.P)

    SERVER (this is were you will add your server **** or I.P address the server **** is the first part of the CLINE before you get to the port numbers)

    PORT ( this is the set of numbers on your CLINE ie 12000)

    AUTHORISATION ( press ok and you will now see another screen with ID and
    PASSWORD you will need to enter each option and using the remote enter the user id and password from your CLINE once completed press exit from this screen taking you back to the CCAM screen if you now press the red key on your remote it should show STB1 CONNECTED this means success and you are connect to your server. If it does not connect I have found that going back into ID and PASSWORD screens and just pressing exit again and coming out cures this.


    C: 12000 abcdefghr igefjklmo

    Type - dream
    Server No - 1
    Softcam - cccam
    Input Type - domain
    server -
    port - 12000
    ID - abcdefghr
    password - igefjklmo

    you make get a cline that looks similar to this

    C: 12000 qwedweqwr ervcevev no {0-2-0}
    C: 12000 qwedweqwr ervcevev yes {0-2-0}

    please ignore anything on the text line after your password ie yes/no and the numbers and brackets please do not input them or your Cline will not work.

    That's it.