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Entering BISS keys on Spiderbox HD models

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  • [INSTALL] Entering BISS keys on Spiderbox HD models

    How to Entering Biss Keys ?

    Entering BISS keys on Spiderbox HD models

    There has been a lot of discussion on this topic
    and I tried yesterday and it was not quite as straightforward as some suggest, mainly as there doesn't seem to be a key for the Spiderbox in the Biss section and no sticky on how to do it - I checked the latest spiderbox softcam but there was no PLTV in there so it obviously had to be done manually.

    Firstly you need to find the current key - go to Forum - Keys - Biss and choose the channel you want from the list - for instance PLTV. This will give a whole range of boxes and cams and the codes to be input - as spiderbox was not there in this case we have to look for the common 16 digit code to the majority of the codes shown - this can be shown as eight sets of two digits which makes it easier to identify - for instance look at the last sixteen digits in eight sets of two in the line starting: For CCcam & Newcamd (constant cw) :

    Next, to enter the code:

    1: go into Menu
    2: Choose USB menu
    3: Choose Key Edit
    4: Key Edit at top of list should be highlighted, press enter
    5: At the top you will see CAS type and Viaccess - scroll left and you should find the Biss menu
    6: press yellow to add a new key
    7: Enter the frequency of the channel - for PLTV this would currently be 11387
    8: Scroll down to the Key Data line and enter the sixteen digits you obtained earlier and save.
    9: Exit menu - If channel doesn't clear restart box