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How to put new drivers second stage e2_plugins on e2

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  • How to put new drivers second stage e2_plugins on e2

    This is best and easy wey to put new drivers,secondstage,or e2 plugins

    like is Mytube_player plugin,I now that many user nows that,but we are best

    and biggest forum on net,and always somebody need our help.

    This is for enigma2;

    1.-Download your new Drivers,or secondstage,or e2 plugins like is Mytube

    player,webinterface,..on your PC-desktop

    2.-Unrar your file,and transfer your file in desktop,that mine only file like is

    for example dreambox-dvb-modules_2.6.12-5.1-brcmstb-dm8000-20091016-r0_dm8000.ipk

    3.-Then use some ftp program for comunication Dreambox---->PC,
    and put your file on var/tmp,then we goes to our remote control and goes to our "Download server",

    or blue panel,its depened what Image you use,and goes to function manual instal ipk.

    There we see our plugin,or driver,or secondstage,push on remote control ok,and whait until proces will be done,.

    4.-Reebot your Dreambox,and you have one install on your box new driver,

    or secondstage,or some plugin for Dreambox on e2.