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Rezst your DreamBox Password Using the Dreambox Remote

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  • [GUIDE] Rezst your DreamBox Password Using the Dreambox Remote

    Ever forgotten your Dreambox password or other compatible Enigma 1/2 Linux based receivers. This guide will help, no need to wipe the box and reset it up.

    First off, you need to have TuxBox commander. You can download it via the Blue panel-Addons-download gemini server-plugins-Tuxcom 1 16.
    Once thats installed you can access it through Blue Panel, PLUGINS (Tools).
    So hit green or yellow button on your remote and the picture below should appear. As you can see here select tuxbox Commander.

    Press the OK key, then navigate to var/ etc. You have two files with the same name (passwd), but you must use the first file (passwd)
    Select this file as you can see in the picture below and hit 4 to edit it.

    You will then have the following lines as shown in the picture below.

    Here you press the OK button and after that you get the next picture

    Your root password will obviously be different to the above. What you need to do is replace the first line with this:
    And you have to be *exact*.
    That resets the password to "dreambox" (without the quotes - password is now dreambox) and you're good to go.
    Please note for some users that if you are running gemini v3.9 you have to install the gemini v4.3 because you won't be able to connect with the gemini server.