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  • [NEWS] picon

    72x54 picons

    These instructions assume that you are using the Digital Kaos image
    • Download the picon.rar file
    • Extract the picon.rar file onto your PC
    • FTP the picon folder to YourDreamboxIP/var/etc/

    The first time that you attempt to use picons, you will also have to do the following:
    • On your Dreambox press the Yellow button
    • Choose the Kaos Extra Settings
    • Under "Picon disabled" press the right button until you see "/var/etc/picon"
    • Exit the menus
    • Press and hold the Standby button until the Shutdown/Standby Menu appears
    • Select "Reboot Now" to save the changes

    • If you notice a picon not appearing, first check to see that it is included in the pack, if it isn't then post the channel name in this thread.
    • If it is, check if the picon name matches the channel name as it appears exactly as it does on your EPG (including case), if it doesn't then rename the picon and FTP it to your Dreambox.
    • If you are using an image that requires the picons to be named by Reference, such as Pli Jade, then PiconManager can convert them based on your files.
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