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dk v1 Dreambox Image for DM500 C/S/T

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  • dk v1 Dreambox Image for DM500 C/S/T

    Well it's been a long time coming but it's eventually here - Dk v1 image for all versions of DM500, cable satellite and terrestrial.

    Please read this post in full before asking any questions. All questions with answers in this post will be referred here.

    A few details about the image!

    Yellow - Kaos Panel (Extra settings, Manager suite, User features)
    Blue - Plugins (preloaded with a few)
    Red - EPG (double press to bring up a few options including EPG Search)
    Green - SubServices for satellite viewing, i.e. Premiere Sport Portal. Also if you hold it down for more than 3 secs it shows the DVR controls for recording.

    Info - Infobar popup as usual but hold down for more than 3 secs to bring up the EMU Manager, kind of a hidden menu.

    Kaos Panel

    Kaos Extra Settings
    --Loads of extra settings in here, have a look and have a play
    --Enable picons (/var/etc/picon)(attached) These are icons that show the channel logo, takes up room in /var so it's disabled by default, can also be downloaded from the addons menu.

    Manager Suite
    --Addons Manager - Download plugins, emu, configs, etc
    --Slot Manager - For smarcards (sat)
    --Infobar adjust - Adjust the position on the infobar on your screen
    --Backup Manager - Backup your settings, plugins, skins, config, services, bouquets, etc. File will be generated in /tmp called backup.tar.gz.
    --EPG Manager - Not used on the DM500.
    --Audio Language Manager - Set priority languages for satellite users.
    --Var Move Manager - Move /var to the /hdd, or /usb devices, not used on the DM500.

    Addon Manager
    --Install Local Addon - copy file to /tmp and install using this option
    --Server: DK Addons - Internet addons available to download
    --Uninstall Addons - Uninstall any addons you have installed

    User Features
    --Flash Image - Copy img file to /tmp and rename to backup.img
    --ServicesBackup - Creates a services.tar.gz file in /tmp with all services and bouquets
    --ServicesRestore - Restores services.tar.gz if placed in /tmp
    --ReloadChannels - Reloads channels if services or bouquets have been manually altered
    --BackupImage - Creates a backup.img file in /tmp - this is a complete backup
    --PanicButton - Removes emu, keys, roms, services, bouquets, etc...everything to make it a FTA image. A factory reset or reflash is required if you select this option

    Included Plugins
    DreamNetCast Internet Radio - Listen to internet radio if your dreambox is connected to the internet. Add stations in the /var/etc/stations.xml file.
    RSS NewsReader - Read RSS feeds on your dreambox. Including the Digital Kaos forums. Edit the /var/tuxbox/config/rss/feeds.xml file with your own feeds, although some have been added for you.
    Tuxbox Commander - For editing the filesystem on your dreambox.
    Teletext - Available via the 'TEXT' button on remote or via the blue button menu.

    Internet Image Updates
    All future image releases will be available to update over the internet.
    Menu > Setup > Expert Setup > Software Update > Internet Update

    If you are currently using a DW image and you want to copy your services and bouquets to this image, do the following...

    Using remote, Blue > User Features > ServicesBackup

    FTP to your dreambox and navigate to /tmp.
    Copy the services.tar.gz file to your PC.
    Flash the new DK v1 image.
    Copy the services.tar.gx file from your PC to your dreambox.
    Using remote, Yellow > User Features > ServicesRestore
    Exit out all menus, hold 'INFO' to bring up the EMU manager and press OK to start

    DO NOT COPY YOUR WHOLE /var/tuxbox/config/enigma FOLDER TO THIS IMAGE!!!! IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!

    No Keys or Roms
    This image is supplied without any keys or roms. It is a FTA image only!
    But I did find that someone has uploaded these files which appear to work fine with this and any other image.


    Copy contents of Keys folder to /var/keys
    Copy contents of Scce folder to /var/scce
    Go to Sky Sports 1
    Hold INFO for more than 3 secs to bring up EMU manager, press OK.



    Thank You

    Special thank you to all members of the CS-ALLOCCCAM Team, Also thanks to all beta testers,
    your input is very much appreciated.

    Download dk v1 Image for DM500 (cable and sat) from attachments

    Updated Dailly !!! a first Updated v1.1 Image here

    Fully information regarding picons can be found here...