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how to guide: JTAG repair all in one guide for Dreambox Dm500S

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  • how to guide: JTAG repair all in one guide for Dreambox Dm500S

    A guide showing how to JTAG repair a bricked, broken, bad flash, corrupt firmware image on a Dreambox DM500S receiver. Useful when all else has failed.

    JTAG DM500s AiO Repair

    5 resistors of 100 Ohms at 2,3.4.5 and 11 pin 25 pin male connector
    These labels are 1,2,4,5,6 tags that go on board Dream, you do not revolt
    it is not correct labels soldering those points, but my own label as indicated in Fig.

    On the other side to connect a 15-25 and this wire goes
    to the board Dream at no. 16 or to ground.

    And it goes as indicated in figure, with very short holding soldering iron
    at these points because it is very easy to know how to come off, and
    then you will need to solder the SMD resistors, so that it does not keep
    as short soldering iron.

    When it all together, connect the 25 pin male connector on
    the extension serial cable 25pin / 25 pin m / f to the PC LPT port,
    you can now include the power to dream.
    If the Chinese copy of your Dream suffered from the “bomb” then you will Shine on Dream no LEDs.

    This procedure requires repeated switching on and off the receiver dream to revive the process started,
    it is enough to click on the info.bat to verify that the tuner is working and
    what is the MAC address in the “dead” dream, and it will be written:

    As can be seen in it is the correct MAC address DreamMultimedije 00 09 34 01 a4 3f,
    it is because this process has been revived, and this is just repeated that it could be PrintScreen-at

    After pressing any key, the screen disappears, and now you can run write flash, then click on 2alps.bat:

    Flash-Gel takes about 2 min. and it shows you the percentage. This file is 2alps.bat
    MAC address 00 09 34 01 4d 1f, it can at will change if you rename the file 2alps.bat 2alps.txt
    and open it with ultra editor, change the MAC address, and only the second half,
    as it must be among the first DMM 00 09 34 the other half can be any combination of 0-9 and AF.
    To save and then rename again to 2alps.bat. This change does not have to work unless
    you have a local area network 2 Dream with the same MAC address, then one needs to address in this way to edit.

    After 100% you get this message:
    Btw, if you have an older copy of the Chinese Dream with Philips tuner, which you showed info.bat
    Then you use 3philips.bat

    After this, turn the power off, unplug the JTAG, turn the power back,
    and your dream is alive everything in it is left as it was before the bomb.
    Now is your DM500 DMM’s MAC address and do not have to be afraid any bombs because the U.S.
    as the original.

    Download The files from Atachments :
    Attached Files

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    Thank you very much that's easy


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      when i jtag dm500s clone dos showing mentioned detailed dreambox Dm500 board initialized fash info. : unknown unknown flash recognized failed Retry (0x0, 0x2)


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        thanks, this worked me