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How to Opening a NETELLER account ?

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  • How to Opening a NETELLER account ?

    How to Opening a NETELLER account ?
    Use this link to create your account

    Open NETELLER Account

    Opening a NETELLER account is one of the easiest things to do.
    Within one minute you can have your account up and running and sending money to your favourites gambling websites.

    To make sure you are not making any error we have a short tutorial to open your NETELLER account correctly!

    STEP 1: Use your own email address.

    Our advice is to keep your NETELLER login and email address seperate from your Facebook account. NETELLER is a financial product and itís wise to not connect this to your Facebook details.
    Fill in the email address you primary use and choose your Country of Residence. Next step is to choose the currency of your wallet. You need to choose this wisely, as it canít be changed afterwards!
    If your gambling, playing poker and bingo sites are in your home currency, itís best to use your home currency.
    If these currencies are not the same (for example: all your casinos are played in Euros and your home currency is Danish Krone), itís best to choose the currency of the gambling site. If you donít do this you will be paying a 2,95% fee for each transaction!

    STEP 2: Fill in personal details regarding your account

    Fill in all details correctly and double check that you make no typos.
    When details are not correct (wrong date of birth, wrong address etc.)
    you will come in a process of correcting these details afterwards by phone!
    Donít forget to write down your password and the answers to all of the three questions.

    Furthermore itís wise to use a password that is different from any other password that you are using online.
    After clicking Continue a Popup window will show that asks you again to write down the 3 answers that you have filled in.

    STEP 3: Account created but not yet verified

    You are done creating your NETELLER account!
    You will be given a NETELLER Account ID which is your unique ID to make transactions to your favourite gambling websites.
    You will also get a unique Secure ID, which is a 6 digit number and combined with your NETELLER Account ID
    and choosen password gives you secure access to your account.

    The NETELLER Account will be unverified, meaning you have limits on the amount of transactions you can make, max balance etc etc.
    The process of getting your account is verified is very easy and enables
    you to apply for a Net+ Mastercard which is a prepaid Mastercard which can be used at almost all stores,
    online shops or just getting money out of the ATM!

    Click on UNVERIFIED to be able to upload you passport to verify your NETELLER account with higher limits and Net+ Card.
    A passport or drivers license is all you need to upload. Within 1 working you will be notified regarding the verification of your account.
    Donít worry about sending in these official documents, as NETELLER is a highly professional company with a long reputation of being really thrustworthy!

    STEP 4: Funding your wallet


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    Thank to the admin for opening this thread. This is an absolute neccesity because of the evergrowing problen that all we have with paypal.
    THere are many other services there beside paypal that are good but the people do not use only because is not use too.
    I am using neteller from some months now and seems very good. So I encourage other servers here to make the same for the good of all us