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Fixed Dish & Multi Lnb Setups

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  • Fixed Dish & Multi Lnb Setups

    Fixed Dish & Multi Lnb Setups
    Just to give you an idea of what is possible with a fixed dish besides the monoblock 13 east & 19.2 east there are a lot more combinations that will give you a chance to do some experiments,

    1/ patch set up,
    2 dishes required a 80cm & a 60cm,
    80cm aimed @ 13 east, this is the Lnb set up 19.2 east + 13 east + 5 east
    60 cm aimed @ 30 west
    4 way DiSEqC switch,
    TM1000D receiver,
    with this set up you can take advantage of all the software available on this site,

    2/ is the one I have been trying out this week I have called Freeview+
    2 dishes required a 100cm & a 45cm mini dish,
    100cm aimed @ 26 east this is the Lnb set up 26 east + 19.2 east + 13 east,
    45cm 28.2 east,
    4 way DiSEqC switch
    any receiver will do as long as it supports DiSEqC A B C D or 1 2 3 4 switches
    with this set up you get a lot of unencrypted channels you can also use a TM1000D to take in the other channels as well,

    when setting up a multi Lnb system as you stand in front of the dish the sky is reversed on the dish so to your left are the east satellites & to your right are the west satellites.

    these are the satellites mentioned above,
    28.2 east Astra-2A,2B,2D,Eurobird-1,
    26 east Badr 3 & 4,
    19.2 east Astra-1E,1F,1G,1H,1KR,2C,
    13 east Hotbirds 6,7A & 8,
    5 east Sirius 2 & 3,
    30 west Hispasat 1C & 1D

    with the 100cm set it is possible to add 39 east Hellasat-2 or 42 eastTurksat on the left side of 26 east I may try this at a later date.
    Share with the Forum any trials you have done yourself hope this helps improve your knowledge of what it is possible to receive via the fastest growing medium in the Broadcasting World.