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    Monday November 11

    Bhupinder Buttar writes: 'In reply to Noel at 14.22 - Although other fans of clubs near the top might come off a bit confrontational, but the problem with a team that scores 1 goal to win and not every game is that one team who sets up to defend or 1 mistake will cost you points. when you buy 6-7 players who are promising 2 will hit the ground running but the others might take more time. that is the problem with Spurs this season. Also as an Arsenal fan I am very worried when we have only Bendtner to come on to support or replace Giroud, I am surprised why we dont use Park or a youth player cant be as bad as NB23, that is our biggest failing right now, TW and Podolski are on their way back, by December we should have a lot of options.'

    Kenny Daire: 'Urgent Newsflash...United fans starting to realise that Rooney is actually bigger than club!!!'

    Noel: 'Unsurprisingly Brad and Ralph have picked me up incorrectly and didn't obviously read mine and Gordon's previous posts carefully. When I said starless, in the context of answering Gordon's post, I obviously meant that Arsenal didn't have a player who was head and shoulders above all other players in the team such as RVP was the season before and Bale for us last season. Correct me if I am wrong on that. As for Ralph's comment regarding goals scored; Man City have scored more than 2.5 goals per game, 19 more than Spurs, yet there they sit one point below us. When the rules change and the league is decided by goals scored rather than points I will worry.'

    Gordon: 'Kumar (12.24) - Please let me answer some of your points - you will not finish 10th in the PL that is being silly - you will be somewhere in the top 6 but if you don't get CL football next season surely that would be a disaster for a club of Man Utd's size and stature. You say that United played well yesterday but personally I would not say my team played well if playing at home they only had two goal scoring efforts in the first hour and were hanging on desperately in the last 20 mins although I agree you had chances on the break during that period with Arsenal throwing more and more players forward - an excellent result but not sure about the performance. Rooney played well but surely he should have been sent off as it's a miracle he was not cautioned long before he did eventually get a yellow card. I agree that supporters should support both their team and manager but during the summer transfer window you were writing in on a daily basis criticising Moyes for not signing various star players from all over the world and suggesting they should let Rooney go if he wasn't happy as he was trying to be bigger than the club where in reality he is by far and away the best player you have and you would be in a much worse position without him. The only signing you eventually made was Fellaini who to be fair is the sort of player you would only sign if you intended to play a long ball game - he has done nothing to improve your squad and when Giggs (although still a decent player) is still regularly featuring on your team sheet at his age surely that tells you something. Have you ever wondered why Ferguson retired when he did ? - I think he wanted to go out as a PL winner and thought this might be his last chance for the next few years bearing in mind some of the expensive players of average ability in the squad he was leaving behind.'

    Ralph Gomez writes: 'What a great position to see Liverpool in, however it is still a hope that we will finish in the top 4. As for Noel's comments, if Arsenal are a starless team averaging 2 goals a game, what does that make Spurs who cant even manage an average of 1 goal a game?! A team for League One or Championship? Crystal Palace and Sunderland are the only two teams who have scored less goals so far. And given the way Sunderland are going it wont be long before they too would have scored more goals that Spurs. But then again football is very unpredictable so who knows what will happen in the next 5 or 10 games. One dark horse that is starting to play well is Newcastle. They may surprise a few teams. Southampton are also a bit of a surprise package. Well it all makes for a very interesting season. My prediction is that the winner this year will have less than 90 points.'
    Lionel Messi is set to be sidelined for up to two months with a hamstring injury he sustained on Sunday.

    Brad: 'Starless team? Noel, please keep it sensible.'

    Noel Madden: 'Gordon, I know the point you are making and agree in part but you are wrong to say we have no star players. We have Lloris, Vertonghen and Sandro who in my opinion are as good as anyone in the league in their respective positions. Kyle Walker is also having a very good period. What you probably mean is we have no stars in the attacking sector, and at the moment that would be a fair assessment, however we had a star player last year that was definite to play every game until he got injured in a Europa league game and we had nobody of the same calibre to replace him. At the same time Arsenal's starless team went unbeaten for the last 12 games. I don't know our best 11 but I'm getting closer to knowing it and there can be no doubt that Spurs will improve as the season goes on while I'm not sure the same can be said of some other teams, not mentioning anyone in particular, who have to play the same 14 or 15 players (one striker) twice every week.One final genuine question for Gordon; have you been disappointed in Townsend since the England games?'

    Jay: 'Ken, I think we can only judge him on his actions now but he will always be a ticking bomb I think. Last year he was almost impeccable all season, cutting out most of the theatrics and then out of the blue he bites someone. He served his punishment, missed 10 games (5 of which were this season and he's already joint top scorer after giving everyone a 5 game head start). He knows he's in last chance saloon with us so either he's learnt a lesson and is now being a good boy or he wants a move to Real so if trying to show he can behave. Someone (Real?) will come in for him in January and I think we'll be able to hang onto him but it will be interesting in the summer. If we make top 4 would he stay with us as we'll have provided CL football for him or is his heart set on a move and have we already agreed with him that he can go in the summer if 'Club X' offers a certain amount? Either way, if he is going to go then 50M is not enough for him.'

    Martin Nugent, writing from Germany, says: 'Like many Liverpool fans I am also happy to hear Liverpool written off as top four contenders. But what a surprising weekend. As Moyes said yesterday no team is going to run away with the title this season. My feeling a couple of weeks back was that Arsenal and Man City are in the best position to be champions, but Man C are doing their best to prove me wrong. Cannot understand why anyone would suggest Arsenal are not contenders. Losing at OT is not exactly a disaster and some players did not perform at their level. All teams will have this happen this season and often when least expecting it. In this age of internet with the demand for constant news forcing people in football to make rash judgements, it is no surprise that fans' views change from week to week. Arsenla despite the defeat are still top of the table! Liverpool are scoring goals. Man U have stabilised after a rocky start and Rooney's playing at his best. Spurs have a problem scoring. Southampton are not just a flash in the pan. Let's enjoy the rest of the season.'

    Gordon: 'Noel (11.15) You mention that Spurs have a strong squad in regards number of good players available (which I agree with) but surely their problem is that they are all of similar calibre and that you have no star players that are always going to be first choices. I don't believe that either the supporters or manager have a clue which is the best eleven and despite blowing all of the Bale cash on the squad you don't have a forward capable or leading the line and scoring goals - or no doubt if your midfield could deliver perfect passes which stop on the spot 12 yards from goal Soldado would finish them off with aplomb.'

    Ken: 'Have to say that as the season progresses I find myself getting more and more uncomfortable with the situation at Liverpool. To see the club doing so much better is brilliant, but I am having trouble balancing this with the importance of Luis Suarez to the club. Watching him on Saturday it was hard not to be in awe of his pure talent, or applaud his goals, and his work rate. Here was the man who bit an opponent, now breaking ranks before the game to have a quick word, (and show respect), for his former manager Martin Jol. I can't get my head around the guy!!! The thing is I know that with him we have a good chance of a top four finish, and without him we don't. Obviously I want my club to do the best it can, but do I want Suarez at the club? Has he turned a corner, or will he disgrace himself (and the shirt) again? Can I accept the price we have to pay to have this player at our club, but do I want to rob myself of seeing his sheer brilliance on the ball? Help!!!!!!'