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Online Marketing: 10 Writing Tips To Ensure Success

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  • Online Marketing: 10 Writing Tips To Ensure Success

    Article marketing is a tool of online marketing which is utilized by businesses for reaching out to the people at large, and to spread their business message. While writing an article, make sure that it is not deleted immediately by the publisher, after being published. If the article does not stay online for a while, it will not be of any help to you. Here are 10 writing tips that will ensure the success of your article:
    1) Make the headline as attention grabbing as possible - the headline of the article should be short and catchy so that it can grab the attention of the readers. If you check the headlines of popular newspapers, you will realize how much effort they put into making the headlines eye catching.
    2) Use images whenever possible - people are attracted towards images in general. The articles which include images are given more importance by the readers. If you can't find any related image, you should at least include your company logo in it.
    3) Provide facts to validate your story - use numbers, graphs or charts that validate the claims made in the article. Do not just fill it with fluff or marketing hype. Make it factual so that the readers will believe in it and will be drawn to your business website.
    4) Don't make it long - if the article is too long, the publishers may not publish it. Also, the readers may not even bother to read it. It is advisable to the keep the article short, to the point and precise. Only such articles are successful in grabbing the attention of the readers and generating more traffic for the websites.
    5) Use humor reasonably - using humor in your writing will go a long way in making the article popular with the readers. Do not try to be cheesy but use humor in such a manner that it will be acceptable to the readers. Also, make sure that the tone that you use in writing the article does not make it vulgar or offensive in any manner.
    6) Write it in inverted pyramid style - writing it in inverted pyramid style will ensure that you include answers to the commonly asked questions (Why, Who, What, Where and When). The answers to these questions will provide the publishers with the required information about your business. Also, such a style of writing will make the article look very professional and will improve the image of your business.
    7) Try not to include boring quotes - usually the quotes included in articles are very monotonous. It is better not to use quotes in articles, unless it is an absolute necessity. Only use those quotes that make the article interesting. Besides, you need to make sure that the quotes that you use are related to the content of your article. Do not just randomly quote anything to make your writing look 'smarter'.
    8) Use bullet points and numbers - using bullet points and numbers in the article will make it engaging. If the articles only contain plain text, the readers will ignore them. By using bullet points, you can make them more engaging and worth reading.
    9) Write it in a professional manner - while writing the article, use a formal tone to make it professional. If the tone used in writing an article is very casual or informal, the publishers might not publish it.
    10) Avoid using jargons - do not use jargons in your writing and instead use terms that all the readers can understand without any difficulty. The readers should be able to comprehend the message contained in your article.