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  • New My opinion about Xtream-Codes Software

    New My opinion about Xtream-Codes Software
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to enjoy this opportunity to share with you my experience in IPTV and CS using Xtream-Codes software.
    I try few software in CS but did not satisfy my needs as Multics Panel did.
    That was when CS was working!
    Unfortunately, today, CS is an unstable ground and I am not sure how much is it going to resist since more and more friends of mine orient themselves to IPTV.
    As a customer of Xtream-Codes, I also purchase the Minimal and Professional editions for testing and honestly, it can not be compared with the competitors!
    First, Stakler is free but works only with MAG devices which is not enough as the industry of IPTV expands to SmartTVs, Android, MAC, Windows OS, etc.
    FULLIPTV was ok more or less for the price they were providing the services, that until i found out that the software was compromised and every customer
    was vulnerable to hacks as the guys from FULLIPTV built some backdoors in their software! That's a shame!
    In exchange, using Xtream-Codes software is amazing!
    Almost did not need documentation as everything is built based on logics and respects the iptv standards!
    Of course, there are some minor issues and things to improve but i see the programmers working hard and every update brings new features and fixes!
    In my opinion, the price/quality is proportional!

    Please share your opinion too about Xtream-Codes.