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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Rules

Rules for Members :

1- All posts must be written in English. (Except) : International Chat Zone .
2- Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
3- Any One Sent (PM) her Blogers/forums/Websites to others, will be banned For Life.
4- It is strictly forbidden to swear or use Foul language.
5- It is strictly forbidden to Spam or use links in Your Posts and replies threads and PM.
6- In this forums "Private Messages is No Exception " requests to join other forums is forbidden.
7- Don't post any information about peers or your own DLine/CLine, this include Host, Password, Box ID.
8- if you want to buy or sell cardsharing services first keep in mind that sales/purchases
between members are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.

This web site ( ) and administrators, can not be held responsible
for any problems which may occur in any transaction.

Rules for Pay servers :

1- Only Bump Your Thread Ten times A Day Unless Replying To Customers As This Isn't Fair On The Other Pay Servers.
2- All Lines Must Be Sent Via Email Or Pm Never Post These On Your Thread.
3- Any One Found With Double Accounts Will Be Banned For Life.
4- Any One Found With Double Threads Will Be Banned For 15 days & Delete all her Posts.
5- Any One Sent (PM) her Blogers/forums to others, will be banned For Life.
6- No Abuse or Slating Other Pay Servers Or Members / Staff
7- Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
8- You Must Provide A 24hr Test Line When Requested By a Member.
9-It is strictly forbidden to Spam or use links in replies thread and PM.
8- You Must Show Your Prices In Your Advert.
10- Offering prices minimum of 50€ per year and 7€ a month. Never Approved in our Forums.
11- Not Advertisement any website or any Forums.

A - How to become a Payserver ?

PM (AlloCCcam) OR (ADMIN)
Or Click on the link below
put your request or suggestion.
Suggestions and Complaints.

Forum Moderation :

1- If it is proved that someone has more than 1 account. All of his
messages and Topics Will Be Move to Archive. And login to the forum will be denied.
2- If it is proved that someone has more than Thread paid server on the forum, Close All her Posts).
3- Change/Exchange threads/Posts must open, write only under Change/Exchange section
4- It is strictly forbidden to Write in others Forum "Free Server or Free Test " and put your prices .
5-The owners of Forum reserve the right to, remove, edit, move
or close any item for any reason.

Breach of these rules:

Your Account Being Closed,
Your DNS/IP Will Be Blocked,
Your Nick/Email Banned,
Posting Privilege Turned Off,
Access To The Forum Blocked.
Your Internet host Name blocked
You Might Not Get Informed Off Any Above Actions.

NOT : Card-sharing is illegal all tutorials here for education purpose only.
By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages
that are obscene , vulgar , Si.xually-oriented, hateful, threatening,
or otherwise violative of any laws.

Staff Disputes

Any disputes with the staff of the Community Forums will be handled in private.
If you wish to escalate any issue with staff then please Contact Us/PM.