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  • Hi

    Hi all, I live in the UK and up till now I've been using satellite tv for my viewing,
    Unfortunately there is a tree that has got way too tall in the park outside the house and as its classed as a "nature reserve" the council will not cut the tree down, or even cut the top branches off.
    My dish is on top of a 5ft pole on top of the house and it cannot go any higher, so my only real option now is to start using IPTV
    I'm very slowly learning about this, and I'd like some advice please if anyone can help

    Is there any IPTV boxes that have hard drives so that I can record some programs? or record one while watching another? Unlikly I guess but I dont know
    What I'd ideally like is to be able to watch the UK programs and some of the Scandanavian ones if this is possible.
    I dont mind paying as long as it's not "too much"
    What is the best IPTV box to buy? any suggestions? I know nothing about whats available at the moment