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Hello and thank you new to the iptv world !!!

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  • Hello and thank you new to the iptv world !!!

    I have found this to be a very interesting hobby. I have played around for hobby/testing purposes every sort of media/electronics/and software methods of obtaining entertainment and information. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to do something and helping others to figure out problems as well.

    I have a very good working knowledge of FTA and some knowledge of card sharing. (I go back to card programming back in the late 80's and Videocypher encryption stuff). Installation and troubleshooting hardware issues for receivers, dishes, and network connectivity is a hobby and a passion. I find the reverse engineering fascinating, and although I am a network engineer/programmer by profession, I have never used my professional talents to that effort. I am a Cisco/Juniper/Adtran programmer by trade, so mainly IOS programing and inter networking of hardware. I have some knowledge of Linux and I am interested in the new Android IOS's that have become popular. I am very adept at installing and troubleshooting all OS's associated with personal/small business computing (IE Apple, Windows, Unix, and Linux of all flavors).

    Enough about me !! I just want to say thank you for allowing me join your forum and I am willing to answer any questions If I can. I'd like to be a productive and contributing member of your forum. I have been a member and/or mod at a great many forums and I enjoy the interaction and problem solving that can be done with many minds working on a common goal.