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Cardservproxy 0.9.1 Release

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  • Cardservproxy 0.9.1 Release

    Cardservproxy changelog:

    0.9.1 - RC0

    - Fixed: Handling for unknown sid (0 or a dummy sid listed in dummy-services) was broken in 0.9.0.
    - Fixed: Incoming requests for dummy sids should not retain the dummy when forwarded, now changed to 0.
    - Fixed: Per profile max-cw-wait could not be set below 1s (now both per profile and global allow down to 100 ms).
    - Fixed: Probing was sometimes attempted even when there was only one candidate connector.
    - Fixed: Radegast support updated to make sense with 0.9.x.
    - Changed: Two ecms (or dcw replies) with the same payload data but different dvb table ids (even/0x80 vs odd/0x81) are
    now considered identical by the proxy.