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Plugin: IPTV for WDLXTV (udpxy, scripts and playlist parser)

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  • Plugin: IPTV for WDLXTV (udpxy, scripts and playlist parser)

    Plugin: IPTV for WDLXTV (udpxy, scripts and playlist parser)

    Happy New Year! (..was 2011..)
    So, NY gift for lazy. Realized now like app.bin, but its for local udpxy running, php UMSP Plugin scrypts copying (no svn now, just testing).
    IPTV for WD TV Live (and others) for WDLXTV firmware of course.
    Tested on 1.02.21_WDLXTV_LIVE- (would work on earliest).

    Take the archive you can download it from attachments (enter the number you see and push green button, wait 10 sec)
    From it the average user need only, two others file just for example: in playlist.m3u shows how should look your playlist on m3u standard , For more ....... and S00custom-options for those who udpxy working on the side (on the router for example).

    Thus, a normal user drop to the root of flash or usb-drive, and nearby drop the playlist.m3u with udp channel links of your local IPTV service provider.
    Reboot the WD player and in "Video" - "Media Server" - "UMSP" - "IPTV" should see a list of channels that should be played.
    About the playlist.m3u again, must be put to the root of the usb-stick or usb-drive, the name it is desirable to keep the same .. or you name but the extension only .m3u
    The format according to the standard (example):

    #EXTINF:-1,ICTV Channel 
    #EXTINF:0,New Channel 
    The first line should contain the entry #EXTM3U
    In other required "#EXTINF:-1," or "#EXTINF:0," before the channel name and udp://@ or rtp://@ in reference to the udp stream.
    "http://" is not welcome, but is processed without the addition of coordinates udpxy, e.g. direct links if you are lucky you will earn and directlink http video streams.
    Blank lines are still not allowed (can later rewrite that there were no problems with the blank lines).

    Now for the advanced users.
    for them.

    #config_tool -c UDPXY_LOCAL="OFF" 
    #config_tool -c UDPXY_PARAM="-B 512000 -R 1" 
    #config_tool -c UDPXY_EXTURL=""

    Namely, if wished to tweak (key UDPXY_PARAM) additional parameters udpxy locally running on a WD(Read a guide for udpxy). And as if udpxy is not running on the WD and the like on a router or a front-end server. In this case address of the external udpxy describes in UDPXY_EXTURL key and simultaneously turn off the launch of a local updxy at the WD by key UDPXY_LOCAL = "OFF".
    Accordingly, remove the comment character # in the right place, edit and put everything into the same root sticks close to everything else.
    Warning for advanced user: if you have an own file /conf/umsp.php keep in mind that it will overwrite by my umsp.php. So save it as a souvenir to other place or add its contents to the contents of my /apps/iptv/usr/share/umsp/umsp.php (perhaps in the future fix this for append but not substitution).