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WinSCP Setup Instructions - Version 4.3.4 for Windows XP / Vista / 7

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  • WinSCP Setup Instructions - Version 4.3.4 for Windows XP / Vista / 7

    WinSCP Setup Instructions - Version 4.3.4 for Windows XP/Vista/7

    STEP 1 - Download WinSCP Version 4.3.4 from Attachments and install the WinSCP application.

    STEP 2 - Open WinSCP, the login dialog box appears.
    End users connecting from outside of the Kenny building or wirelessly, are required to VPN into the UBC campus network before proceeding.
    For help with setting up a UBC VPN connection visit


    STEP 3 - Create a stored SSH session by providing the information below. Fill-in the Hostname, in most cases "" and the UBC Psych email username and password used to access the web host folder on the server.
    Choose the File Protocol "SFTP". When done press the Login button.


    STEP 4 - An SSH Host Key verification message appears. Choose "Yes". This popup message will no longer appear for future SSH login sessions using WinSCP from this computer.


    STEP 5 - After the user authentication process, the window below appears divided into two window panes. The left window pane represents the end user's local computer default storage device and the right window pane displays a view of the home folder "username" on the department server. Locate the "www" folder in the right window and open it.

    Note for lab accounts the directory path may need to be changed to "/array2/labs/lab-www/{username}". To change the directory path, above the right window pane from the toolbar choose the Open Directory/Bookmark tool and type in the path to the username folder on the server.


    STEP 6 -The "www" folder is the user account's online web folder. Documents stored in this folder are public and can be browsed from the Internet using a web browser client. e.g. IE 7, Firefox, Safari by browsing the web link e.g. If an document named index.htm or index.html does not exist, a directory listing appears sorted alphabetically by filename the contents of the folder. Index.htm is usually referred to as the web homepage.

    To copy document files to the server, from the left window pane locate the local working web folder which is generally in the My Documents folder. Select the webpage documents e.g. index.htm/html, images(gif, jpg, png), css files and drag and drop them into the right window. Once completed, the documents are now online and ready for browsing on the Web. The toolbar along the top of both window panes contains tools for changing locations and folders, refreshing the window and saving and bookmarking folders locations. To delete documents or folders from either windows pane, select the document and press the delete key on your keyboard. This will delete the folder and as well the contents inside the folder.


    STEP 7 - To Save the SSH Session profile setup, go back to STEP 3 and press the SAVE button. The window below appears. Press the "OK" button to save the psych user account password.


    STEP 8 - Give the session a suitable name and press the "OK" button to save the session. The next time WinSCP is opened, choose the session profile name provided in Step 7, and the user will be automatically logged into the psych department server.



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