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How to earn money from fileshare with friends

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  • [GUIDE] How to earn money from fileshare with friends



    Screenshot of website


    How you can Download your files ?

    I guess everyone know How to download but most of people doesn't know that files they download there is people get paid from it and share files that they also download it from other source. Do you understand ?

    What i wanna say is that you can download files that you like, (music, videos, movies,...) and you upload them in your account in every website you register on it, i'm going to give you Best popular website.
    ( )

    One more thing, you can also earn money from inviting people by you referral and you will get some money from every files they share.

    How you can share your files?

    the best way to share your files its to post them in Forums or in your blog if your blog is not enough good to get a lot of visitor so you should focus to share them in forums because they get a million visit from all over the world.

    So, i love dit and i want to start.

    Take it easy ! just you need to create a new account and share files with your friends.

    Look at Screenshot


    How to sign up and start earning money ?

    My Gift is A FREE COUPON ( FBCODE2018 ) By using this code you will get a Gol Membership.

    Do I need to be registered to participate in the file hosting reward programs?
    Yes. You need to be registered to earn money by your file downloads.

    Can I use more than one file hosting?

    Yes, you can register as many as you want and earn money with each of them whenever your files are downloaded.

    I need to get 1000 downloads to make money?

    1000 is the rate to get a certain payment, but you earn money for each download that users make even if it is 10 or 20 downloads for each file that you share will always earn money.

    It's free!
    Yes it is free, however, the file hosting offer a premium services as maximum speed in upload and download files
    Multiple downloads, tools to make uploading files easier, more storage space and the best thing is that your files will not be deleted within a certain time as happens in free accounts. But you can always sign up for free and earn money with their pay-for-download reward systems.

    File hosting is a good option to earn extra money online if you are a person who like to share all kinds of files with friends, on websites or blogs


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