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Have you a website and want to earn money ? It's easy !!

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  • Have you a website and want to earn money ? It's easy !!

    HEY GUYS !!

    Now that you've created a website.
    So, how do you make money from it?
    There are at least two ways in which sites can make money:

    1. Advertising Revenue
    2. Selling Goods and Services

    I shall deal with the second case, "Selling goods and services", in another article. In this article, I will address the issue of how your site can actually make money from advertising.
    After you created a website or Bloger , You must sigin up in this website , this website will give you more than 10000 Backlinks and more than 50000 Visitors per day.

    Now how to making Money From Advertising ?

    Click on PIC or Visitors and Sigin up

    If you look at many websites, you will probably notice that there are banner advertisements displayed on most pages. If you are a newcomer to the scene, you might think that you must either be a company or that your site must be famous before you can get advertisers, just as it is the case in hardcopy publications.
    In reality, anyone with a website can get advertisers. While it is true that if your site is well-known, you may get companies contacting you to offer to advertise on your site, you can get advertising revenue even if you are just starting out and your site is relatively unknown.
    The way to do this is to join as an "affiliate" of various companies or sites, either directly, or through an affiliate network. An affiliate network is simply an intermediary with whom you can sign up to get advertisers (as opposed to dealing with individual companies separately).

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