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DBS Editor for Skybox/Openbox S9, S10, S11, S12, F3, M3, X3

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  • DBS Editor for Skybox/Openbox S9, S10, S11, S12, F3, M3, X3

    How do I put this list on my box?

    Firstly, before any upgrade you should always backup! Once you've done that;

    Unzip AJ's List with a program such as winrar & place the TP_PROG.DBS file onto the root of your USB drive.

    In the Openbox menu delete your current channel list by going to the "Edit Channel" tab & selecting "Delete All".

    Staying in the menu navigate to the "Tools" tab then "Upgrade by USB",
    change the upgrade mode from "Image File" to "Misc Files" then "Select & upgrade" & select "TP_PROG.DBS" then press yellow,
    if all done correctly it should begin to upgrade.

    Once the upgrade has completed restart your box & voilل!

    How do I backup?

    Make sure your USB is plugged in then navigate to
    > Tools
    > Dump by USB
    > Change Dump Mode to "Misc File"
    > Click on "Select and Dump"
    > Select "TP_PROG.dbs" so it has a tick next to it then press yellow to "Dump onto USB", this will backup your channel list.
    To backup your Server/Gift whatever you want to call it just select the "CCcam.cfg" file instead of "TP_PROG.dbs".
    To backup your whole image "Dump to USB" before changing the dump mode. The required backup should now be on your usb stick,
    make sure to move it to your pc or be careful not to delete it.

    Will updating my channel list effect my server settings etc?

    No, your channel list is the only thing that's affected but it's always wise to backup just in case as problems can happen.
    This is for channel lists only, firmware updates erase everything.

    Why aren't the channels in the same order as my Sky box?


    I put the channels in the order that I feel is the most efficient & simplest to use.
    There are plenty of Sky ordered lists if that's what you prefer or you can of course have a go at making your own list, see below.

    Why are my favourites not named correctly?


    Favourites only retain their name if you upgrade a whole image, for channel list upgrades you'll need to manually change them in the
    Openbox menu with your remote.

    How do I edit the order of the favourites?

    The only simple way would be to use SetEditHD100 (LINK), the program isn't free but It'll let you make 25 changes before it stops working.

    The file is corrupted, not found or won't download


    Have you unzipped it? If that's not the issue try downloading with a different browser/device,
    make sure your zip program is working correctly or use a different USB stick.

    Does this list have 'X' channel?


    The list should have every channel including all Radio, Box Office & Red Button services.


    Some HD channels won't tune in or have low signal.

    You might need to do a transponder/full scan to try & find a duplicate channel with a stronger signal,
    if that doesn't work I'd change the firmware & if you're still having issues you might need to slightly realign your dish
    (not recommended if you don't know what you're doing).

    How can I make my own list?


    Firstly you'll need a channel editor, PVR800 editor is the simplest option, I have the .DBS version on my site & DK thread.
    Then you'll need a list to edit, either mine/someone else's which would be the best option or you could do a fresh scan yourself & edit the backup up file.
    The satellite info you need to edit lists is at KingOfSat. It looks complicated but it's pretty self explanatory,
    check out other specific threads on the subject or you can ask in the thread (below) if you need a hand.


    Which boxes is this list compatible with?

    Skybox/Openbox S9, S10, S11, S12, F3, M3, X3 +more.
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