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How to get a logs from the QBoxH

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  • How to get a logs from the QBoxH

    In the case of an unexpected error in the system, such as an enigma2 crash that displays a green screen, it is very useful if you send an email to QBoxHD Team with the log and the sequence of actions (the buttons pressed) that you were executing when you got the crash.
    What is needed
    1. NULL-MODEM cable.
    2. PC with RS-232 COM port.
    1. Download the application needed for logging the serial console called PuTTY:
    2. Connect NULL-MODEM cable to the RS-232 port of QboxHD and to the RS-232 COM port of the PC.
    3. Run PuTTY application, configure it as Figure 1 shows and click in “Open”

    Figure 1.
    4. Turn *** and on the QBoxHD using the power switch in the rear-side.
    5. Reproduce the sequence of actions that caused the crash.
    6. After the crash has been reproduced, copy the log by clicking in the icon with two-pc's at the top-left of the PuTTY windows. A menu will appear, select the option Copy All to Clipboard.
    7. Open a new text file with the editor of your choice (such as UltraEdit or Notepad) and paste the previously copied log.
    8. Save the file with the name qboxhd_log_serialnumber.txt where “serialnumber” is the number in the code-bars label located at the bottom of the QBoxHD. Eg. qboxhd_log_51424F580027D4844900.txt
    9. Send the log file as attachment to the email address
    explaining the sequence of actions that you were executing when you got the crash in the most accurate way. This will be very helpful to reproduce the bug and solve it.