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Sky and IGLOO MySky+ Changing LNB setting

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  • Sky and IGLOO MySky+ Changing LNB setting

    Hi, I have recently upgraded to MySky+. Previously I had the standard digital decoder and we used to take this from home to the holiday home. The disk at Home has a Dual Throat LNB and the disk (freeview) at theHolidayhome the older style single throat LNB. I would simply change the LNB settings on the decoder when moving between the Home andHolidayhome.

    But I understand that sky have now hidden the LNB settings in a Tech menu. I have searched the various forums for details on how to access this and tried entering the following

    1) Press SETUP button
    2) Enter Option (4)
    3) Enter Option (4)
    4) Enter 0759 then press SELECT

    That will get you into the installer menu, from whence you can change the LO frequency.

    But this does not seem to work on the new Mysky+ Decoder. Can someone please help with access to the Tech menu as I do not wish to upgrade the holiday home disc. Many Thanks