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  • messy setup

    I love setup pic threads so thought I might as well get my own up!

    I'm messy...once its working I leave it day soon I'll *tidy*....light is terrible tonight and its a camera phone...damn me for selling my good SLR recently!

    I have a 1M Triax dish with Black Ultra LNB and Technomate motor -

    I also have a standard 60cm Sly mesh dish pointed at 28E.....

    My home cinema setup is a 50 inch Pioneer Plasma with Kef 5.1 surround setup (Q7 fronts, Q5 rears, Q9c centre and modified PSW2500 subwoofer)
    My Vu+ Duo is connected to both sats giving me a static A and motorised B...

    Amp is a Pioneer SC-LX83, other kit on show is my Shanling SACD player, dust gathering 360 and my vintage Thorens 150 record player! I'm sure LP's are dead to most of you guys but I recently got back into them and have ordered a new slate player and valve amp setup!

    My HTPC is a custom built OrigenAE unit which passes lossless HD to the amp. The tower is my 20 drive Antec 1200 with 40TB data lol

    Downstairs I have a mini HTPC feeding the living room TV and I'll retire the Duo down when the Ultimo comes out....until then its freesat via Sly!

    No TV in the bedroom so if I'm desperate I'll stream to the iPad via Dreambox Live which isn't bad...sooner it does HD the better!

    I've plenty of other bits and pieces but I'm sure that's boring enough for now