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Busybox for Alien 2 boxes

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  • Busybox for Alien 2 boxes

    Busybox for Alien 2 boxes

    A few owners are beginning to look at experimenting with this box. If you are experienced at writing shell scripts then you may be frustrated when commands that you know should work give wrong results. This is often because the tool used is supplied by Busybox instead of a native executable, and the version of busybox on the box is both crippled and buggy.

    Attached is a full, newer version for the SH4 processor family. Do not simple replace the original as we have not tested it in spark, but place is somewhere else and call in explicitly when working in a telnet session.

    use a folder on the hard disk as a test area and call commands explicitly.

    For example normally you would use the ls command simply by ls /folder/ but if you use an advanced ls -lah it will fail.
    Instead use (for example) /storage/c/test/busybox-sh4 ls -lah /folder/

    Other tools that have bugs include df, du, swapon and free

    For a list of tools supplied by busybox simply type busybox on the command line of a telnet session. Then compare the output with (for example) /storage/c/test/busybox-sh4
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