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Instructions for the emergency: uboot new flashing

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  • Instructions for the emergency: uboot new flashing

    Instructions for the emergency: uboot new flashing

    There are increasing reports of users that shooting up the boot loader or corrupt, although this should be impossible due to read-only
    The box gets stuck in the episode at boot time (display: boot) no longer boots up, no matter if spark or Enigma.

    Normally, this is a case of warranty.
    You can save postage and time but by you yourself new overrides in case of emergency the submarine.

    Attention: only for users with some clue in matter > everyone else please the box send to repair!

    What is needed?
    Null modem cable
    Hyper terminal program (Windows XP: start > Accessories > communications > HyperTerminal)
    Note: starting with Windows Vista, HT is no longer part of Windows, but there are freeware.

    Emergency-HowTo: override bootloader

    Use only in case of an emergency!

    -Switch off box, then connect to PC/laptop via null-modem cable (RS232)
    -Start HyperTerminal and create new connection
    -> select correct COM interface
    -> Bits per second: 115-200
    -> Flow control: no

    -Then transfer > Send file
    -Select correct uboot-***.bin
    -Log: Ymodem
    -Click send!

    > now before turning on the box!
    -When you turn hold button [OK] to [FORC] appears
    -then left arrow [<] press
    -RS232 appears on the display

    Now is the transmission, which should take about 2 minutes.
    Turn off not prematurely or other maneuvers at this stage!

    Flash at your own risk!

    Thx to the RSP team for the uboot-alien
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