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Adding WebTV channels

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  • Adding WebTV channels

    Adding WebTV channels

    Create or download a file 'webtv_usr.xml'

    Copy the file to a folder on a usb device attached to the Alien 2.

    Open MENU, Networking, Web TV

    Press 'Load xml file' button (the folder button)

    Locate your webtv_usr.xml

    Press RED Button

    *** Caution ***
    If you hit the 'OK' at the last step above instead of the RED button then the box will open a
    message window saying 'Downloading' and will hang at that point - needs power off/on to restore.


    The webtv_urs.xml file will replace any previously added tv channels - but not the 4 initially on the box.
    Keep a master webtv_usr.xml file on a PC and cut and past new lines into it from various sources.
    Each line in the file is a stream formatted as:

    <webtv title="Freetext channel name" urlkey="0" 
       description="Free text to appear in list of channels"
       iconsrc="" type="0" />

    All the examples in the attached file are streams, but you can also add files to the list as well as streams.
    Apart from the obvious items you should change the tag type="0" to type="1"
    Files on your local network can be labelled in the form
    On a Linux box it could be useful for /folder/filename to be notional link and then simply use that link to point to actual file
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