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Upgrade Enigma2 by USB / use Amiko Alien duel boot

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  • Upgrade Enigma2 by USB / use Amiko Alien duel boot

    Upgrade Enigma2 by USB


    1.We only recommend Kingston USB stick, we donít support USB hard disk, you can try another usb stick.
    2.Please make sure your USB stick only have 1 partition and the file system is FAT32
    3.Set default booting system to [enigma2].

    Upgrade Step:

    1.Make sure [C:/engima2] is exist, if not, please create this folder.
    2.copy [uImage] and [e2jffs2.img] to [C:/engima2]
    3.Connect USB stick to STB
    4.Keep Pressing [OK] Button in Front Panel, then power on STB.
    5.After 5 seconds, you will see [Forc] in LED, release [OK] button and press [Right] Button.
    then press down button > you will see [enig]
    now press [Right] Button, you will see [fact] for a moment.and press the ok button
    6.if everything OK, You will see [U LD] shining in LED
    7.if upgrade success, You will see [SUCC] and STB reboot automatically
    If upgrade not finishes in 5 minutes, then there must be something wrong, please check your configuration and re-try