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  • [HELP] Help with Amiko Alien 2

    Hello, I have a problem with my receiver Amiko Alien 2.
    I have installed the plugins (Amiko Alien PlugIn ALL_05.05.2013).
    Then I have followed the instructions (Easy step by step Amiko Alien 2, To Get the Channels working).
    I have converted the - CCcam to Oscam with the Converter and then used the ftp to transfer the oscam.server file to the Var->/root/plugin.. click> keys.
    Most of the available channels are working ok, but I cannot open the following channels: JSC1,2,3,4 from Hotbird and BeInsports 1HD, 2HD from Astra 19.2
    I am supposed to open these channels but the receiver cannot open them (scrambled or not running).
    Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

    P.S. What is the deference between the following 2 instructions?
    1) Easy step by step Amiko Alien 2, To Get the Channels working
    2) how to setup CCcam for Spark / Amiko Alien 2 using CCcam.cfg file

    What is the difference between CCcam.cfg file and oscam.server?

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    you should update FREQ


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      What is the FREQ and how do I update it?


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        Hotbird 11296 Hor 27500 3/4 JSC Sports +1,+2,+3,+4
        Hotbird 12245 Hor 27500 3/4 JSC Sports Global, JSC Sports News
        Hotbird 11013 Hor 27500 2/3 JSC Sports HD1,HD2, JSC Sports News HD, BeIN Sport 1 HD, 2 HD