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How to Flash Enigma2... Part 1, flashing E2

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  • How to Flash Enigma2... Part 1, flashing E2

    For this guide I'm assuming you have basic FTP knowledge, if you haven't I suggest you Google or get the help of someone who does.

    First of all, go to Menu-->Spark-->Upgrade Software. Do a downgrade to 1.2.51 E2 Boot Upgrade. You can flash back to the latest Spark later if you wish to continue using Spark.

    Then you need to install the e2upgrade plugin, it's available here in this pack. Extract the plugin to your desktop and use Filezilla to connect to your box and copy both the bin and keys folders to the /root/plugin/var directory (overwrite). You'll find the IP of your box under System-->Net setting-->ipconfig, the default FTP login on Spark is username "root", password: "root".

    Grab the Enigma image and copy the Enigma2 folder to the root of a usb key, the enigma2 folder should contain 2 single files.

    Reboot the box with the USB inserted then go to plugins and enable the e2upgrade plugin. You will see a Start OSD option with the red button (you may need a reboot after enabling the plugin if you don't see it at first), select this and navigate to the enigma2 folder on your Usb and you will see an upgrade Enigma2 option on the red button.

    Next we set the box to boot to Enigma, there is a simple way to do this in the settings menu, menu-->system-->factory default-->Boot to E2. Also note that holding the ok button on the box for a few seconds while toggling on the power switch at the rear to boot the box brings up a boot menu where you can use the arrow up and down keys to swap between E2 and Spark using OK to select.

    The default HDMU E2 image does not have 28.2e in it's satellites.xml, we will need to upload a new one that does. You can grab mine from here or make your own from here. You will need to FTP that to /etc/enigma2. The FTP IP address should be the same but the login is now username "root", password "HDMU". You will need to reboot the box after for the satellites.xml to be read

    That's all for now, I'll get started on a second post guide to setting up E2 with plugins and skins and permanently mounting a drive