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Explain : How to load and save a channel list for Spark

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  • Explain : How to load and save a channel list for Spark

    To put a SPARK channel list on your Alien 2, firstly download your chosen channel list from the downloads section of the forum
    (downloads tab on front page of forum near top of page) to your PC and unzip / unrar the file.

    Now copy the unzipped 5 xml files (you dont need the to the ROOT of a USB stick.
    Put the stick in the Alien 2 (front or back) and wait for the stick to be recognised (about 30 secs),
    you'll see the HDD icon flash in top left hand corner of your TV then dissapear.

    Using the remote go to Menu / System / Upgrade then move across to Database Transformer > press OK
    (If you have a HDD attached see below) then GREEN button on RCU to load.

    If you already have a HDD connected you will need to switch to a different directory BEFORE pressing the green LOAD button.
    To do this Click OK on RCU, the Dir listing box will open. Highlight the TOP folder (it has a green arrow), Press OK , move down to D, press RED button on RCU to SELECT.
    The PATH will now be shown as /storage/d. Now press GREEN button on RC U to LOAD the channel list.

    If you make amends to the list and want to save it, follow above steps and press RED button on RCU to OUTPUT to your chosen device.