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  • [NEWS] IMAGE GRATERLIA OS v5 spark7162

    Graterlia is image built on different concept.
    It comes with limited number of features
    and rest needs to be installed by user depending on needs.
    Meaning it works the fastest possible way as not unnecessary plugins installed.
    It also has online update option.
    No more flashing new versions again and again.

    Regarding blue panel, I need to internationalize it first.

    There is no need to load new version of Graterlia each time.
    If you are using previous version, go to GOS manager > opkg and do online soft upgrade.
    You can do upgrade though terminal also, typing:
    opkg update; opkg upgrade

    GRATERLIA is a O.S.?
    What is Graterlia OS?
    Graterlia a Linux operating system and software OpenPLi processor-based tuners STi.
    Graterlia OS (Operating System) → is a completely different approach to Linux on satellite receivers - it is something like a Linux distribution and is not a full image that contains all or almost all possible. Graterlia OS is nothing but Linux (as a minimum) + minimum number of packages installed on your system to run the satellite tuner. The Core is a minimal set of packages needed to run the operating system with a set of basic fiction and OpenPLi software that provides access to the tuner. The whole is divided into packets (like the vast majority of Linux distributions) with specific components of the system. Other features and applications of the system are available through the package management system - here opkg. Thank opkg you can easily install or update - it works just like on any Linux system. Over time, the server will always have more than one package, and the system will be updated to a newer version.

    NOTE → not created for everyone - yes, I know that might sound strange.

    Just as there are many Linux distributions, so there are many on the IMAGE satellite tuners. Some are easier to use, more and more difficult. Graterlia operating system is not image, is the operating system, and does not assume EASY (although it depends largely on the user data as "something" is very complicated). The system will be open for people who already have some knowledge of the systems or Linux machines and can quickly acquire. Any person who has not had anything to do with Linux and really want to learn, are likely to experience something unique. There will, however, just a few facilitators: one click and you. "Decide the installation of this system, remember this small, but important!