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TSmedia 2.6 enigma2 plugin OE2.0

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  • [INSTALL] TSmedia 2.6 enigma2 plugin OE2.0

    TSmedia 2.6 enigma2 plugin OE2.0

    TSmedia 2.6 enigma2 plugin

    - added to movies section,special request from Merdas
    - for live channels added to netmedia section
    -fixed 1channel with new site
    - customized favorites location
    - added two french m3u(patyan) to online radio: thanks for pybear38
    -settings seperated from updates and need lock number(7777) to enable ***** contents,the lock number can be changed from etc/TSmedia_lock file
    -library added to updates and include all streaming library needed for playing streams
    - fixed bugs reported about json library problem

    proper installation is important to receive and play the streams

    1-if plugin previous version is installed just
    from update icon do update and restart enigma
    2- TSpanel-addons-TSmedia do first opkg-update then install the plugin
    in some images may installation failed because dependent files are not available on the feeds of the image,to solve the problem any missed library can be installed from TSpanel/addons/TSmedia library

    3-by telnet method
    copy the plugin package to the box /tmp directory by any ftp program like dcc
    in the telnet window enter

    opkg update
    hit enter and wait
    copy the following command to telnent window

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk

    restart enigma

    have fun